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Private Chef Training

An invitation for a delicious meal at their home or on their boat gives hosts an image of so

much greater hospitality than would a restaurant invitation. Yet few busy hosts have the skill

or the time to produce a memorable meal on their own. The perfect solution for such hosts

is to hire a private chef.

So another of our programs is a training to acquire the skills one needs to become a private

chef. The participant learns to:

1)     carefully listen to and interpret client needs,

2)     select dishes and menus tailored to those needs,               

3)     prepare the required ingredients list and then,

4)     make and serve a memorable meal for the host's group.

Private Chef Training

Training at the Academy of Cooking & Other Pleasures, learning to make a variety of

memorable dishes, equips prospective private chefs to be ready for the fast growing

opportunities in this sector.